Bas Mohammad

“I am Bas Mohammad from Afghanistan. After my family received many threats from the Taliban, we first fled within our country to Kabul. We built a small house there. I worked together with my father in a small shop he owned. But then the Taliban came to the shop as well and scared us. I decided to leave my country for a safe future and then help my family. The way was very hard for me. It took me three months until I reached Germany.

I am not used to big cities like Berlin and the situation at LaGeSo completely over challenges me. I don’t know how the registration works, where to sleep and whom to trust. I can’t read the papers. Everybody is for himself here. Because I don’t know what to do, I slept outside for the last 30 days and still wearing the same clothes. I don’t know anything about Germany, but I heard that it is safe here.

Yesterday my sister called me crying and saying that our father died in the big earthquake back home. Our mother is badly injured and in hospital. I am in shock and worry about my siblings. I have three sisters and one brother, they are all teenagers and homeless now. I want to go back to help them, but the office can’t give me back my documents I need for the way back. I don’t know what to do.”

Update: But now his uncle in Afghanistan is taking care of Bas Mohammad’s siblings. He got into a shelter and I will try to follow up on his situation.