“I am Bashar and I am from Syria. Like most of the people here at LaGeSo, I have been waiting for a long time without knowing how it will go from here. Maybe I’m still here tomorrow, maybe I will get housing assigned and need to travel to another city. At first, this new situation of being in a foreign country was was difficult for me. Now I’m seeing it as a challenge and want to prove that I can do it – that the Syrians can do it.

I fled from the war and couldn’t live in danger anymore. I miss my home, my family, my friends who have been killed, my neighbors and every piece of my destroyed home. I had dreams and a vision but it became impossible for me to live them out in Syria. My home country will stay in my heart forever.

For now, here in Germany my dream is to learn German and to get a job, maybe even working as a translator. In my notebook, I wrote down many German words and expressions, so it is easier for me to improve my German and talk to people here at LaGeSo. I am happy about every single conversation and most of the German volunteer helpers already know me and my notebook. I would love to live with a German family. We are all humans and that is everything that counts. Our religion or where we are from makes no difference.

I am very disappointed in the rich Gulf States which do not help or take in any refugees. I’m especially impressed by the helpfulness of the German people. I thank every one of which is helping the refugees, even if only by giving us a smile. I am grateful for my second home in Germany.”

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