Benazir and her family


“My name is Benazir and I am from Afghanistan. This is my brother, Shah Reza and my two daughters, Ferozan and Sosan. My family and I are very worried because we have lost my four sons while on the run. As we got on the boat in Turkey, we were separated and we were told that they need to take the next boat. My sons are 15, 16, 19 and 21 years old. Our phone got wet on the boat and it doesn’t work anymore. We waited for them for 11 days in Greece but they never arrived.

Afghanistan is no longer a safe place. My husband worked for the Department of Transportation. Everyone who worked for a government agency was threatened by the Taliban. On his way home from work, they attacked and beheaded him. My neighbors found him and told me what happened. It was awful. When the Taliban threatened to kill my four sons, we fled.

Three months later, we arrived in Berlin. The first night we slept in a park and now we’re living in an emergency shelter. We are very tired. Tomorrow morning we will be back here at LaGeSo and hope that our number will be called soon.

My biggest wish is to find my sons and for the first time, start believing in a safe country. We’ve left everything we had behind for the chance of a safe life.”