Hagos and Miheret

Hier findet ihr die deutsche Version:


“My name is Hagos and this is my sister Miheret. We came to Berlin three months ago. Here all is fine when compared to back home in Eritrea. From age 15, most children have to join the army, even the girls. For many young people, fleeing is the only option. Our father died in 1991 fighting in Ethiopia and our mother has passed away a few years ago.

First we fled to Sudan, then to Libya. In both countries we stayed for several months looking for work to pay for our journey to Europe. On the way, we had to cross through the saharan desert, along with 20 or more people in an overcrowded taxi minivan. It took us 7 days, but after 4 days our water and food supplies ended. We barely made it and in another taxi, 2 people died because of no water.

Being of the Christian belief, especially staying in Libya was very dangerous for us. From Libya we spent two days on a boat to Italy. We were lucky and it all went ok. Many people we knew died crossing the mediterranean sea on one of these overcrowded boats.

We can stay in Germany for one year and have to reapply again after that. The only thing we are missing from our home is the Red Sea. Our dream is to stay in Germany and find work. We like the German people very much, they are good people!”