“My name is Mumraiz and I’m from Jalalabad in Afghanistan. I wanted to go to school there and learn English. The Taliban didn’t like it and told my father that he shouldn’t allow his children go to school. But he didn’t give in. They killed him when I was 11 years old. Then it was my turn to continue our family business, a small grocery store. All my life social life was almost non-existent because of the constant war in Afghanistan.

I fled together with a close friend, but we got separated along the way. The two-month journey was very dangerous, especially in the mountains in Iran, were we had no food or water. Also many people get shot there.

The first four days in Berlin I was very exhausted from my trip and slept outside in a park, because I didn’t know where the camps (shelter) were. It’s hard for me to understand the German document system. I am the eldest son and want to provide for my family. I miss them a lot. I want to built a life and get busy again as soon as possible.”