Hier findet ihr die deutsche Version:

“I am Naheed, I came here alone from Afghanistan. It’s very unsafe in my home country, every day there are attacks, and innocent people are getting killed.

I worked as a police officer in Kabul. The Taliban are against everyone who is involved in progress, for example working for the government or in universities. They threatened me, and I had to give up my job. Then I worked in a bank as well as studying law at university, but again the Taliban threatened to kill me and my parents. They started to follow me after work and beat up my father. I had to stop working again.

My work and my studies were my dream, and it was very hard for me to stay at home with nothing to do. Nevertheless, the Taliban continued threatening us. I’m the only daughter in the family and then decided to leave my country in order to be safe. Via Dubai and Turkey, I took a plane to another country, which I can’t remember. From there I was put into a car to Berlin.

The escape took up all of my financial savings, which were meant to support my family. Now I’m alone and separated from my family. I miss my old life, my friends, my work, but most of all I miss my mother.

It is so sad that people have to leave their loved ones, just to live in safety. I’m not recognized as a refugee yet and still waiting for a decision. My dream is to study again and one day have my family close to me, reunited and in safety.”