Ahmad and his family

“My name is Ahmad and I am from Afghanistan. I came to Berlin with my wife Shokufe and my two children Fatimazahra and Hossini. First, we fled to Iran but as Afghans we were discriminated. We weren’t allowed to work and our kids couldn’t go to school.

Back home, we sold everything and made the hard way to Germany. That was two months ago. Today, we returned to LaGeSo, after we heard the news that people from Afghanistan will be deported. Along with other Afghan families, we want to raise our voices. We are very scared and we feel helpless. Every one of us has lost friends or family because of the war. It is not safe there – every day there are bombs going off.

In Afghanistan, we have been living in war conditions for the last 40 years. We have nothing to go back to, only danger and unsafety.”