Rami and his daughter Meriam

“I am Rami and this is my daughter Meriam. We are from Damascus in Syria. My wife Heba and I decided to escape the horrible situation back home, when we noticed that our six year old daughter began to wet herself out of fear. We weren’t able to send her to kindergarten or let her out to play with her friends any longer. At any time there could be a bomb or an explosion happening.

First, I fled alone and wanted them to join me later. The way to Germany is very difficult and I faced death many times along the way. Soon, they had to follow me. During the escape, they almost drowned while crossing the sea on a small, sinking boat. They experienced hunger and cold in Macedonia and prison in Hungary. Now, after the family is finally reunited in Berlin and after all the horrors, my wife and daughter are not allowed to stay in the same camp with me. We are separated again and don’t know what to do. With only six years old, Meriam is already been through so much. She desperately needs to be with both of her parents.

Today, I spent another day with my girl here at the LaGeSo office trying to find a solution for our situation. In the end they said that they are very sorry, but this is the law. My wife Hiba and Meriam must wait for three months until they will be able to live together with me.“

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