Rami and his family

After my post about Rami and his daughter Meriam, I got various mails from kind people offering their help in finding a place where they would be able to live together again as a family. Only a few days later and due to great team effort, we found that place. Yesterday, Fadi and I visited them in their new home. Again, the RBB TV Station came along filming a follow up on the story of Rami and his family.

“After we heard about the flat, we could not believe this was really happening. Then we saw the place and looked at each other realizing that finally good luck is happening to us. At last we are reunited.

Meriam feels so relieved. You can see it in her face. Her facial expressions have already changed a lot. Now we can rest and soon become an active part of German society. Due to all the support and nice people we met, we already identify with Germany very much. Meriam can’t wait to go school as she really misses playing with other children.

Going back to Syria? I don’t think the war will end any time soon. Focusing on the future, we see ourselves in Germany. It makes us very sad to think about our time in Syria before the war. So many nice memories: Our families, our home and work – everything is destroyed now and the memories overshadowed.“

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